Performance Based Bonus Model

Determine bonus distribution based on company and contributor performance. By Tolga Dizmen.

A Performance Based Bonus Template

This performance-based bonus model is designed to reward employees for achieving specific performance goals or metrics creating engagement and promoting transparency.

The model is built around key performance indicators (KPIs) that are divided into two categories: Organization KPIs and Core Contributor KPIs. Each category has an assigned maximum point value to signify their importance. The template is highly customizable, allowing companies to adjust inputs and allocate points according to their unique structures and objectives.

What are the benefits of using this template?

  • Easy to understand: With a narrative and playful approach, employees can easily understand how their compensation is calculated, building trust in the bonus structure.
  • Explorable scenarios: Teams can interact with different scenarios to gain a better understanding of how their compensation might vary under different results.
  • Customizable: The model can be easily adapted to accommodate different variables and inputs to fit the needs of diverse companies or teams.

With this performance-based bonus model, businesses can align their employees' efforts with organizational goals and drive enhanced performance, ultimately leading to success and growth in their respective industries.

About the author

Tolga Dizmen is a Fractional Operations & Strategy Executive. He collaborates with startups and small businesses to strengthen their foundations for scalable growth. He focuses on enhancing productivity, efficient operations management, fostering team collaboration, and utilizing data storytelling techniques. He writes about these areas through his newsletter, The Agile Fractional.

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