We want to change the world's relationship with numbers

We started Decipad with the idea that you shouldn't need to be an analyst or programmer to make sense of the world's information.

Today, individuals and small businesses have access to the kind of data and information that only a few years ago would have been limited to large corporations. Yet, deriving insights from data and collaborating with numbers continues to be a seemingly impossible challenge.

Data Programming tools are powerful, but the barrier to entry is too high. They require knowledge of complex programming languages like python and SQL. Spreadsheets are more accessible, but they come with inherent problems. They are error prone, hard to scale and were not built for collaboration.

We created Decipad because we believe anyone should be able to use, model and understand data in meaningful ways across skill sets and perspectives.

We're removing barriers between tools for programmers and tools for everyone else to help more people participate in an increasingly data-rich world.


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About us

We're a small, decentralized team coming together from open source, blockchain and social media. We’ve built companies from the ground up like YLD, Nodejitsu and Utrust. We’ve scaled businesses at leading organizations like Facebook, LinkedIn and IPFS (Filecoin). Our open source work is used by millions of people everyday. We’ve been through the ups and downs of innovation. We ask questions, we build things, we innovate.

We operate remotely with headquarters in NYC, London and Porto.