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Calculate Your Hourly Rates

Master the art of freelance pricing and effortlessly calculate your hourly rates with this guide and interactive calculator.

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Loan amortization calculator for your next property acquisition.

F.I.R.E Retirement Savings Calculator

Explore your Financial Independence and Retire Early (F.I.R.E) using this calculator to estimate your financial future.

Financial Balance tracker: Expenses & Income Calculator

The Financial Balance Tracker is your all-in-one solution for managing expenses, income, savings, and debt, helping you make informed financial decisions and achieve your goals.

SDR Effort Costs Calculator

The SDR Efforts Costs Calculator simplifies the assessment of financial implications and optimization opportunities for Sales Development Representative (SDR) efforts, covering key metrics and detailed costs analysis.

Consulting Project Calculator

Navigate the complexities of consulting project pricing effortlessly with our Consulting Project Calculator template—your comprehensive tool for strategizing fees and exploring diverse scenarios.

Rent or Buy Calculator

The Rent or Buy Calculator allows you to assess the financial implications of purchasing a home versus renting. Understand the potential savings, house value, loan balance, and make informed decisions about your housing choice.

ROI Calculator: Solar Energy

Explore the cost effectiveness of investing in solar energy panels

Customer ROI Calculator: PetsApp

Learn how PetsApp uses Decipad to drive meaningful ROI conversations with their customers.

Interactive Pricing Proposal

Drive more business with a proposal that's easy to understand, interactive and looks amazing!

One Page Sales Proposal

Explore Decipad’s One-Page Sales Proposal and Agreement Template, exemplifying DashboardX's innovative "Custom Dashboard" .

UX Design - Client Proposal

Start your proposal process with our user-friendly UX Design Client Proposal template. This template offers a clear and effective way to share your business ideas, while keeping the complicated details hidden.

Client Proposal

This proposal template simplifies creating personalized project outlines with service packages, pricing tiers, and add-on options, designed for clear client communication and customization.

Cost Comparison: GitHub and BuildJet

Make an informed choice between GitHub Enterprise and BuildJet.

Sales Commission Plan: Tiered Rates

Use this interactive sales commission plan to make tiered rate commission plans fast to create and easy to understand.

Investor Update Template

Keep investors updated with progress, achievements, challenges, and metrics. All in one place.

Simple Monthly Revenue Report

Communicate monthly revenue insights by adding meaningful context alongside your metrics.

Startup Offer Letter

Use this template to explain how startup compensation works across options, salary and exit scenarios.

Simple Business Model: Starting A New Business

A user-friendly business model to forecast your next idea, project or company.

Sales Pipeline Report

Interactive sales/CRM pipeline report to quickly and easily track and share performance to goal.

VC Fund Profit Sharing Model

Explore the Shilling Founders Fund's unique profit-sharing model with founders and simulate fund performance.

Discounted Cashflow Valuation Model: AAPL

Discover how Apple (AAPL), one of the most valuable companies in the world, is valued.

Employee Stock Option Guide | Joining A Startup

Better understand the numbers behind your total compensation offer at an early stage company.

SDR Sales Compensation Plan

An interactive compensation plan template for SDR teams.

The Classic Lemonade Stand Business Case

A classic example of a small-scale entrepreneurship and business financials.

A Rental Income Model For Your Home

A model for renting your home and maximizing your income.

Investment Portfolio Tracker

An interactive template to track a selection of portfolio investments.

What's Your Founder Number?

A model for founders to determine fair compensation.

Performance Based Bonus Model

Determine bonus distribution based on company and contributor performance. By Tolga Dizmen.

The Optimal Price for a Subscription Business

Explore the impact of pricing changes to Spotify's premium subscription service.

Manage Costs: Fixed, Variable, and Semi-Variable

Easily manage and calculate different types of costs to run your business: fixed, variable, and semi-variable.

Negotiating Your Salary

Calculate the lasting impact of early salary negotiations on your long-term earnings.

The Real Price of Social Media

Turning likes into dollars – Explore the potential financial gains by turning your social media time into productive hours.

Saving for a Big Purchase

Plan your path to that next big purchase with our savings calculator!

Personal Finance Tracker

Easily manage your expenses, income and cashflow by time and category.

Budget Planning

Say hello to Decipad's Budget Planning Template - Gain financial clarity and enhance your budget management with Decipad's Budget Planning Template, powered by interactive Pivot Views and informative Charts

Trip Budget Planner

Plan your dream trip with Decipad's Smart Tables and widgets, turning budgeting into an adventure!

How many SDRs and AEs do you need?

Optimize your team's performance with our "How many SDRs and AEs do you need?" template, effortlessly calculating the ideal ratio for strategic staffing decisions.

Is a team of SDR's the right thing for your business?

Optimize your sales strategy effortlessly with our intuitive template, offering a clear and concise analysis of your Sales Development Representative efforts and potential cost savings through product integration.

Grade Tracker

Grade Tracker simplifies academic planning, providing an easy way to assess your GPA goals and track progress.

Services Brochure

This template features a services brochure layout, designed to present tailored service packages, enhancement options, and client success stories, facilitating a clear, engaging showcase of offerings for potential clients.

Revenue forecasting (SaaS model)

Model and forecast the revenue growth of your SaaS business, based on different marketing and sales funnel assumptions. Play around with these assumptions to plan for different scenarios.

Profit & Loss forecast (SaaS model)

Calculate and forecast the Profit and Loss (P&L) of your SaaS business. Input your revenue, OpEx and CoGS assumptions and plan for different scenarios.

Pricing Plan for a Consulting Project

A dynamic project plan to model your next consulting project.