Revenue forecasting (SaaS model)

Model and forecast the revenue growth of your SaaS business, based on different marketing and sales funnel assumptions. Play around with these assumptions to plan for different scenarios.

Revenue forecasts are used to predict the future revenue for a business, taking into account historical data, targets and other insights. These forecasts help founders, as well as finance and marketing leaders, to plan and make data-driven decisions.

The first step of any revenue forecast model is to define the key variables that affect your revenue - aka your assumptions. Our template allows you to input your own marketing and sales assumptions, such as growth rate, churn rate and average revenue per user (ARPU).

For example, a potential scenario could be: what would happen to my revenue if I increase my demo close rate to 50%, whilst reducing churn to 6%? Scenario tests like this can help you understand what variables are likely to have the biggest (positive or negative) impact on your revenue, helping you with budget planning and cashflow management.

These variable inputs are fully interactive and customisable in this model, allowing you and your stakeholders to easily test different scenarios.

We have also included a definitions section at the bottom of the template. We know it's not just about formulas and numbers. At Decipad, we believe in data stories and the power of narrative. When it comes to metrics, everyone has unique definitions specific to their business, which can sometimes lead to misunderstanding when sharing your models. That's why we've included a "Our definitions" section, where you can add context around what each of these metrics mean for you, all in one same notebook, so that your readers can easily follow your thoughts.

Ready to get started? Simply duplicate the template and adapt it to your own business!