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Bring your data stories to life

A new way to create, collaborate and present anything you want using numbers. No code. No spreadsheets. No fuss.

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A notebook for numbers

Bridge the gap between the power of data and narrative

Present your data stories in one single place

Say goodbye to the days of never ending screenshots and constantly switching tabs between Notion, spreadsheets and PowerPoint. With Decipad you can easily express your thought process and assumptions by combining data, formulas and text into one flexible notebook.

Simple and interactive models that are easy to follow

Tired of losing your audience whenever you put a spreadsheet in front of them? Our notebooks are designed to be visual and interactive, with no-code blocks and human-readable formulas (no more $B$12 or #REFs), so anyone can follow and contribute.

Connect your data stack

Connect data sources directly to your notebook and start creating plans, models and reports that update automatically. You can also embed any Decipad notebook into other apps like Notion and Webflow.

Made for collaboration

Invite your team and customers and let them explore your model without worrying about anything breaking. You also have full control over who sees and edits your work.

ready-to-go & CURATED templateS

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Do more with numbers

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Tolga Dizmen
COO @Talentprotocol
I just wrapped up designing a KPI and Bonus structure for @Talentprotocol. I'm excited to explain it to our core contributors, but honestly I'm not a big fan of the data storytelling tools I have. Luckily, I found  @decipad and I gotta say, I'm loving it!
Cheraé Robinson
Founder @TstmkrsAfrica
For any founder or business owner that feels like the numbers aren't your thing - peep @decipad and start making those numbers work for you. Fantastic founder and a product that'll really drive things forward.
Andrey Vinitsky
Co-founder @Graphy
Intuitive and delightful way to model and understand data for beginners and pros.
Stack Melter
I'm using @decipad for @FireproofStorge business model scenario planning, ❤️ it.
Jonas Maaløe
Decipad is like Excel, but fun! No small feat—Excel can be pretty darn fun once you get the hang of it—but Decipad let's me skip right to intuitively making connections between my numbers and the story I'm trying to grog with those numbers.
David Levine
CEO @Glenluna Ventures
An incredible no-code tool to build investor updates, employee dashboards amongst many other use cases. Connect to live data sources and get your inner geek out and about (like I've clearly been doing).
Chris Chiusano
An exceptional experience built by an amazing team. The ability to model various scenarios and craft a compelling narrative around the data has proven to be invaluable.
Jove Zhong
Co-founder @Timeplus
As co-founder and Head of Product at, I built a few Decipad notebooks for pricing and cost.

Way better than Google Spreadsheet. No custom code required. Just amazing.
Fábio Oliveira
Managing Director at YLD
Amazing work as always from the Decipad team — what a fantastic product you've built, can't wait to see it go public 😎
We think you will like it here — Decipad team
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Decipad is a smart document with spreadsheet-like capabilities. Combine text, data and visualizations into interactive plans, models and reports that everyone can understand.

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For every studentteamteacherfounder, create what matters to you.

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do more with numbers

Explore what others have built with Decipad.

do more with numbers

A spreadsheet you can actually read.

You shouldn't need to be an analyst to make sense of the world's information.


Long formulas make calculations difficult to follow.
Errors are hard to spot and fix.
Data insights require extra effort to be communicated.

Express your formulas and data in a story anyone can follow.