Make sense of
numbers today

A new way to create, collaborate and build anything you want using numbers. No code. No spreadsheets. No fuss.

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Decipad's notebook interface
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We want everyone
to be a data analyst

A graph created without usage of B1 and B2 notation
Easy to use, fast to model
SUMIF, B1 + B2, Python? A more human way to create and share data-driven ideas, plans and reports to drive fast, informed decisions.
An illustration of an abacus
Unlimited potential, any skill set
Use no code elements to achieve more with numbers. Unlock enhanced speed and ability and make anything you model instantly interactive.
An illustration of various users sharing graphs
Share your work, create together
Think bigger. Reuse and build upon concepts created by analysts, programmers and creators and collaborate to advance new ideas.

Do more with numbers

A notebook for
numbers. It’s simple.

Whether exploring crypto or managing cashflows, everyone should be able to do cool and interesting things with data. Decipad is an interactive notebook to gather information, build models in minutes and bring data-driven ideas to life.

Just start writing. No coding skills required.
A calculation block, an interface to perform operations

Do more with numbers

For all your needs,
create what matters to you.

Decipad's dashboard with multiple notebook examples