Decipad Public Beta and The Future Of Numbers

Craft compelling data stories in a notebook with spreadsheet-like capabilities.

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Craft compelling data stories in a notebook with spreadsheet-like capabilities.

Our team has been on a journey to change the way people present and interact with numbers.

In the last year, we’ve teamed up with some incredible companies and thought leaders to explore fresh ways of creating plans, models and reports that are interactive and inviting. Today, we’re excited to open our beta to everyone.

Get ready to fall back in love with data and create beautiful, interactive notebooks.

The power of narrative

We believe that innovation accelerates when people have a shared understanding. That’s why Decipad isn’t just another number-crunching tool. It’s an interactive notebook where your ideas, calculations, and assumptions seamlessly connect.

Unlike static documents that often go unread or complex spreadsheets that fail to engage, Decipad empowers you to captivate readers in a narrative format. It makes information accessible and engaging, fostering better understanding and collaboration among individuals and teams.

Our goal with Decipad is to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical users. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to engage with data in meaningful ways, across skillset and perspectives.

Decipad allows us to drive meaningful discussions with customers and quickly build trust in the numbers. - Thom Jenkins, CEO and Co-Founder of PetsApp

So, what makes Decipad unique? 

We designed Decipad with the reader and collaborator in mind, injecting playfulness and human connection into a medium that is often boring and complex. It combines natural language with user-friendly interaction allowing creators to build dynamic models quickly, and individuals to explore plans, models, and reports with ease.

1. Fast and playful modeling

Decipad is powered by a natural formula language and user friendly blocks like widgets, tables and charts. You can simply connect your variables, calculations and widgets into a dynamic and adaptive model using drag-and-drop interactions.

2. Context that's just not possible in spreadsheets

Decipad was built on a powerful unit system. Units give context to numbers, like 42 euros or 42 km or $42 per seat per month. They reduce errors and make your model more precise and adaptable. Decipad supports 20+ built-in unit types or you can create your own custom units.

3. Team collaboration that welcomes everyone

With Decipad, teams can get on the same page faster. It's easy to explore scenarios and collaborate across stakeholders. By turning numbers into meaningful stories beyond the calculations, everyone can engage (no matter their numeric expertise). You can invite friends to a notebook or collaborate in a shared workspace where everyone can participate.

4. Integrations, to meet the data you already have

Instead of static reports that are quickly out-of-date, Decipad allows you connect data directly to your notebook. We now support Javascript, SQL and Google Sheets. You can weave live, connected data throughout your narrative to create a powerful report that is always relevant.

5. AI assistance to make your stories even more compelling

Our goal is to make storytelling with numbers approachable. Our new AI assistant makes it easy to enhance your narratives or assist with your javascript query. These introductory AI features are available to all beta users with much more ahead!

Join beta and create your first data story

We’re building Decipad for the innovators, data-dreamers, and decision-makers. We invite you to join us in the beta phase to unlock deeper insights with your numbers and share compelling data stories. Get started.

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