Sales Pipeline Report

Interactive sales/CRM pipeline report to quickly and easily track and share performance to goal.

What is a Sales Pipeline Report?

A sales pipeline report is a visual representation or summary of the sales process and the various stages that that customers goes through from initial contact to closing a deal. The report typically includes information such as the number of leads, their stage in the pipeline, expected revenue, and the probability of closing the deals. It assists in forecasting sales, sharing deal insights, and making informed decisions to optimize the sales process.

About the Sales Pipeline Template

This reporting template makes it easy to quickly summarize pipeline information into a narrative and visual report that’s easy to action on. It combines text, visualizations and data to quickly and easily track and report on performance to your sales target or goal.

What are the benefits of using this template?

  • Dynamic Metrics: Update the status of a deal or add a new deal opportunity and your metrics will dynamically update with the latest information. Easily understand how deal changes impact performance to goal or quota.
  • Fast, Effortless Data Manipulation: With data views, create digestible snapshots of your deal pipeline in seconds. No formulas, just drag and drop.
  • Professional Design: Enhanced visualizations with charts, widgets and in-text numbers create a dashboard-like update that’s easy for anyone to follow.