Profit & Loss forecast (SaaS model)

Calculate and forecast the Profit and Loss (P&L) of your SaaS business. Input your revenue, OpEx and CoGS assumptions and plan for different scenarios.

What's a Profit & Loss forecast?
A profit and loss (or P&L) forecast is a projection of how much profit you will make over a time period, by taking into account the money you will generate  from selling products or services, as well as the cost of this sales growth.

P&L forecasts go beyond just looking at top-line revenue and provide insights into the cost of this growth, giving you a more holistic understanding of your business financials.

If you need a quick template to start forecasting your revenue, make sure you check out our Revenue Forecast for SaaS template here (link to

P&L forecast by Decipad
With Decipad, you can input your P&L assumptions such as revenue, operating expenses (OpEx) and cost of goods sold (CoGS) to generate a quick and fully interactive financial model.

Add any accompanying narrative alongside it and make your inputs interactive for scenario planning - the perfect data story to share with your investors or finance team.

Ready to get started? Simply duplicate the template and adapt it to your own business!