SaaS Profit & Loss Forecast

Calculate and forecast the Profit and Loss (P&L) of your SaaS business. Input your revenue, OpEx and CoGS assumptions and plan for different scenarios.

What's a Profit & Loss forecast?

‍A Profit and Loss (P&L) forecast is an essential financial tool that projects your company's profitability over a specified period. It incorporates revenue projections from your SaaS products or services and accounts for associated costs, including operational expenses and the cost of goods sold (CoGS). A Profit and Loss forecast provides a strategic overview of your financial health, enabling data-driven decision-making and scenario planning to optimize growth and manage expenditures effectively.

Understanding how to calculate a profit and loss forecast is crucial for effective business planning. The P&L forecast process involves projecting your revenue and deducting associated costs to determine your expected profit or loss. This forecast profit formula helps you visualize potential financial outcomes, enabling you to make informed decisions. Whether you use a profit and loss forecast template or prefer to create a profit and loss forecast in Excel, having a detailed financial projection is invaluable.

P&L forecasts go beyond just looking at top-line revenue. They provide insights into the cost of this growth, giving you a more holistic understanding of your business finances.

If you need a streamlined template to kickstart your revenue forecasting, check out our Revenue Forecast for SaaS template template here.

P&L forecast by Decipad

‍With Decipad’s Profit & Loss forecast, you can input your P&L assumptions, such as revenue, operating expenses (OpEx), and cost of goods sold (CoGS), to quickly generate a fully interactive financial model.

For those new to financial planning, a 12-month profit and loss projection example can provide a clear roadmap of your business finances.

By examining a P&L forecast example, you can better understand the profit forecast meaning and how to apply these principles to your own business. With Decipad’s solution, your profit and loss projection for your business will be more interactive, accurate and comprehensive.

To create the perfect data story to share with stakeholders – from your investors to internal teams – just add an accompanying narrative alongside your P&L forecast. Now your inputs are fully interactive for scenario planning, and you can give the context necessary to guide discussions.

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