SDR Sales Compensation Plan

An interactive compensation plan template for SDR teams.

What is a SDR Sales Compensation Plan?

An SDR (Sales Development Representative) compensation plan is a structured framework that outlines how an SDR will be rewarded and incentivized for their work in generating leads, setting up sales opportunities, and contributing to the overall sales pipeline

About the SDR Sales Compensation Template

This interactive compensation plan template outlines how an SDR's total compensation is structured based on their performance in generating qualified leads and setting up sales opportunities.

Use this template to develop SDR compensation plans that are transparent and easy to understand. It allows an SDRs to easily visualize and understand how different variables impact their earnings. Here are the key inputs used in this model:

  1. Base Salary: The plan specifies the base salary, which is the fixed amount paid to the SDR regardless of their performance.
  2. Quotas and Targets: The plan sets clear quotas or targets for the SDR, indicating the minimum level of performance required to achieve the base salary and potentially unlock additional incentives.
  3. Performance-Based Incentives: The plan incorporates performance-based incentives tied to key metrics, such as the number of qualified leads generated. It outlines different tiers and multipliers for different levels of achievement.

What are the benefits of using this template?

  • Explorable Scenarios: Decipad's interactive interface allows salespeople to easily explore different scenarios and visualize the impact on their compensation. They can input varying sales figures, adjust quotas, or modify commission rates to see how different scenarios would affect their earnings.
  • Dynamic, text-based formulas: Decipad utilizes dynamic and text-based formulas, simplifying complex calculations involved in building commission plans. And, with the tiers function, it’s fast and easy to calculate rate tiers and avoid errors.
  • Enhanced transparency and trust: Interactivity and a narrative approach fosters transparency with numbers. Sales individuals can see how their compensation is calculated, understand the factors influencing their earnings, and have confidence in their commission structure.