Customer ROI Calculator: PetsApp

Learn how PetsApp uses Decipad to drive meaningful ROI conversations with their customers.

What is a Customer ROI Model?

A great customer Return on Investment (ROI) model is designed to measure the value a customer receives from their investment in a product or service. It helps businesses understand the financial impact their solutions have on customers, and it helps customers make informed decisions. Here are some key components that make for a great customer ROI model:

  1. Clear Objectives: The ROI model should have clear objectives that align with the business goals. It should define what specific metrics or outcomes will be measured to determine the ROI.
  2. Cost-Benefit Analysis: The model should consider an analysis of both costs and benefits. It should capture all relevant costs incurred by the customer, including initial investment, implementation and ongoing costs. And, it should quantify the benefits of the product or service, like increased productivity, cost savings and revenue growth.
  3. Customization: A great ROI model allows for customization to accommodate different customer segments, industries, or specific use cases. It should consider the unique characteristics and requirements of each customer to provide a tailored analysis.
  4. Scenario Analysis: A robust ROI model should make it easy to explore different scenarios and changes in key assumptions. This allows customers to assess the impact of different circumstances.
  5. Visualization: Visual elements, such as charts, graphs, or tables, can enhance the understanding and presentation of the ROI model. They make it easier for customers to grasp the results and communicate the value proposition to stakeholders.
  6. User-Friendly design: The ROI model should be user-friendly, with a clear and engaging design that enables customers to input their own data and adjust parameters as needed. It should be easy to navigate and understand without requiring advanced financial expertise.
  7. Scalability: A great ROI model is not static. It should be continuously refined and improved based on feedback, real-world outcomes, and changing market conditions.

Remember that the specific requirements of a great customer ROI model may vary depending on the industry, product or service offering, and the unique needs of your customers. Customizing the model to align with your customers' specific context is crucial for its effectiveness and relevance

About the PetsApp Customer ROI Calculator

PetsApp is the leading client communication platform worldwide for veterinary teams. They're all about making their clinics successful. To drive more meaningful conversations with each clinic, PetsApp developed an interactive ROI calculator using Decipad.

This model empowers both the PetsApp team and their partner clinics to engage in dynamic discussions, exploring various scenarios and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the business value associated with their partnership. The calculator is designed to be highly customizable, allowing for tailored analyses based on specific circumstances.

Be sure to watch the video featuring Thom Jenkins, CEO & Co-founder of PetsApp, as he explains their approach to communicating ROI.

What are the benefits of using this template?

  • Easily Customizable: Sales development representatives can effortlessly personalize the model to drive informed ROI discussions with each customer.
  • Interactive and Dynamic: Customers can easily interact with the model, input their own data, and explore scenarios, costs, and outcomes.
  • Beautiful Visuals: In sales, a good impression matters. Unlike traditional spreadsheets, Decipad makes it effortless to build and presents beautiful, interactive models.