Model your financial story in minutes

Create interactive and visual data models in a narrative format for quicker decisions. No spreadsheet chaos, no code.

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A notebook for numbers

For startup founders, not spreadsheet wizards

Plan for every scenario

Run fully interactive “what-if” scenarios on your financials, budgets and team plans and assess the impact of different inputs on your business.

Work with human-readable formulas

Spreadsheet models are great... if you’re the one building them! Decipad uses human-readable formulas (no more $B$12 or #REFs), so anyone can follow and contribute.

Connect data with narrative

Stop spending hours screenshotting charts and switching between tools. Express your thought process and assumptions by combining data, formulas and text into one flexible notebook.

Collaborate with others, confidently

Invite your team and investors and let them explore your model without worrying about anything breaking. You have full control over who can interacts and edit your models.

ready-to-go & CURATED templateS

Explore what others have built with Decipad

A notebook for numbers

“Big fan of anything that brings together data and the context in one place without constant horrible copy and pasting. And the live scenarios stuff is sick”

— Ben Russell, 

Founder Clipara

do more with numbers

Explore what others have built with Decipad.

do more with numbers

A spreadsheet you can actually read.

You shouldn't need to be an analyst to make sense of the world's information.


Long formulas make calculations difficult to follow.
Errors are hard to spot and fix.
Data insights require extra effort to be communicated.

Express your formulas and data in a story anyone can follow.